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  Reindeer husbandry has changed radically since the 1940s. Up until that time, traditional methods were mainly used for reindeer husbandry, such as following the reindeer on skis and keeping an eye on the herds at night. All family members were involved in looking after the reindeer, and the reindeer were very tame. Reindeer husbandry is now more extensive and mechanised. Reindeer herders have become much more mobile thanks to snow scooters and other off-road vehicles. However, this means that reindeer herding now involves fewer people, the herds have become larger and the reindeer are less tame. Nowadays, when it comes to slaughter, reindeer need to be transported to well-equipped slaughterhouses. This means that the animals have to be driven (moved) together so that they can be loaded up and transported to the slaughterhouse. This subjects the animals to stress. One should also bear in mind that these animals are semi-domesticated, i.e. they are not entirely tame in all situations and not always used to proximity to humans This also can contribute to negative stress and discomfort for the animals when they are handled.  
  The physiology and characteristic behaviours of the animals have been described under Biological principles. This knowledge forms the basis for this section which deals with handling the reindeer from the time they arrive at the slaughterhouse. The aim and important job of the staff is to move the animals calmly and safely from the transport to stunning. To be able to do this, it is important to know how the animals should be handled and to take into consideration their prerequisites.  
  Driving reindeer with a snow scooter when moving them from winter pastures to summer pastures. Film: Sophie Atkinson, SLU.  
Aims and estimated time required for the module  

The aim of this module is to ensure that after completing this course, you can:

  • describe the moving of reindeer prior to slaughter
  • describe appropriate handling of sick/injured animals
  • describe conditions for good reindeer lairage at the slaughterhouse.

Estimated time required: Approximately 15 minutes to study the contents of the module, which includes 8 pages. To see which page you are browsing, please refer to the URL bar at the top of the web browser.
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