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  Aims and estimated time required for the module  

The aim of this module is to provide knowledge of how animal welfare can be assessed and inspected from a risk perspective, and to provide an understanding of the importance of a quality system with a feasible assessment of animal welfare.

After completing the module the participants should be able to:

  • describe what HACCP and risk assessment are
  • describe various welfare indicators at all stages of the slaughter process with regard to animal protection and be able to explain what they indicate
  • explain the difference between self-inspection and auditing
  • describe the importance of short-and long-term maintenance of premises, structural features and equipment, and provide examples of these
  • explain the importance of an emergency plan and clear, written routines in the event of technical failure.

Estimated time required: Approximately 30 minutes to study the contents of the module, which includes 25 pages. To see which page you are browsing, please refer to the URL bar at the top of the web browser.
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